It is so absolutely amazing to greet you all here.
The “Bumi & Friends” book series is an exciting journey of prehistoric magnitude. The book series will take us deep into a Paleolithic forest of fun, laughter, love, inspiration and sky-scraping trees of happiness…woohoo!
The books are set in the Paleolithic era, which started 2.6 million years ago and only ended 10,000 years ago.That’s sooooooo long ago, not even your grand parents were alive then!

In the “Bumi & Friends” book series we follow the lives of our three super wonderful main characters.
Let’s meet them:



A humble and lovable caveboy who loves to play lizard-bat cricket.



Bumi’s pet Glyptondon. A glyptodon is a prehistoric armadillo!



Bumi’s tribal elder and the wisest man of all prehistoric time.

the “Bumi & Friends” ADVENTURES

In the “Bumi & Friends” book series you will meet many of Bumi’s best mates and together you will all go on many tremendous prehistoric adventures, yabba-dabba yay! What you’ll see, is that in the day-to-day life of cave-people, there are quite a few bumps and challenges to overcome along the way, just like some of the bumps and challenges you may face here in the present day.

Bumi (and Glypt) were lucky to have Kanelo in their lives for he had taught them The WO-KA-BU-G (The Ways of Kanelo, Bumi and Glypt). The WO-KA-BU-G gives Bumi (and you!) some guidelines on how to overcome fears and challenges and live a life of total spectacularity!