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Hi Everybody, I’m Jen, and that’s me with Bumi
(pronounced Boom-i).

Bumi was sent to me through a magical portal that allowed him to travel through time from 40,000 years ago to now. How lucky am I?
I think he was sent to me because I’m on a very exciting mission, and that mission will be much easier for me to achieve with a cavekid of amazement by my side!

So what’s my mission? Well let me tell you:

My mission is to create a world wide epidemic of conscious minded children who live in a realm of their higher-actualised selves and who take over the universe and transform it into a wonderland of love, light and spectacularity!

And why is this my mission?
Well I believe that inside each and every one of us there is fertile plain of super spectacular waiting to grow a forest of abundance, happiness, love and amazingness. The ability to live a life of our wildest dreams is absolutely possible for each and every one of us, honestly!

Sadly, for many people, over their own personal evolution, “un-spectacular”habits of mind have developed. This has lead to a permanent drought of spectacularity in the lives of people everywhere. People’s inner forests are snoozing away, blind to the magic of their true capacity.

It is my mission to prevent this from happening to every child in the universe! I want to teach our little ones how to develop habits of mind that allow them to tap into their true powers of spectacularity. I want every child’s internal forest to be as big as the Amazon…times a gazillion!

I also believe, that if we taught the whole planet to act from a space of love and kindness, from a headspace of “us” instead of “I”, then all of the world’s problems would literally disappear in a heartbeat.

And this is why I’ve written the Bumi & Friends series. Through the adventures of Bumi, his glyptodon, his tribal elder Kanelo, and his other cave friends, I’m spreading these following words to all the children (oh and their parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, pet iguanas, etc) – and those words are:
You are unlimited
You are abundant
You are spectacular

about author


Hi I’m Joe M. Ruiz. I illustrated “Bumi and the WOKABUG” and I also designed the “Bumi & Friends” logo. I’ve been making art of one kind or another for over 25 years. I live in Goergia, USA with my lovely wife, two great kids, a dog, a cat and six chickens.